Your stories of Ireland’s housing crisis

 Your stories of Ireland’s housing crisis

THIS WEEK, WE asked our readers to share their housing stories.

We wanted to take a snapshot of housing in 2021 – what sort of situations people live in; how they got where they are; what issues they experienced and what barriers they have faced.

Housing has been an ongoing issue for Ireland over the decades, and this year more than ever the fractures in housing supply have become apparent.

What we discovered from our callout was that people have not felt heard. A common line in the emails we received was ‘thank you’ – people were grateful to get their chance to tell their story.

You will read stories from people who have just moved here from abroad; people wondering should they move abroad; long-term renters who can’t move on; buyers who have hit snags and legal issues. 

What the stories show is that we need to move away from the presumptions and stereotypes around housing in Ireland….

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