Will Remodeling Your Swimming Pool Boost Your Home’s Value?

 Will Remodeling Your Swimming Pool Boost Your Home’s Value?

Are you wondering if remodeling your existing pool or adding a pool to your home will increase its near and intermediate resale value? The truth is that it depends on the potential buyer. 

For example, high-end buyers and families with teenagers may have a backyard pool on their must-have list for a new home. 

Before (left); After (right).
By updating the decking, coping, entry, spa and tanning shelf, these owners modernized an aged pool and made this an attractive and desireable feature for a home buyer.

Types of Homebuyers Who Want Swimming Pools

Some homebuyers do put a backyard swimming pool at the top of their must-have list, and if your home is located in an upper middle class or high-end neighborhood, not having a swimming pool or having a pool that is in extreme disrepair may actually put off buyers and result in below-market bids. Potential buyers who may actively be seeking a property with a pool may include:

  • High-end luxury home buyers
  • Homeowners with teenagers or older children
  • Homeowners in their 40s to 70s who want the pool for low-impact exercise purposes
  • Homeowners who are dedicated to healthy living and may also have a home gym on their must-have list

Types of Buyers Who Do Not Want Swimming Pools

For some buyers, it won’t matter the condition of your existing pool or its layout. These buyers typically don’t want a pool in their backyard due to safety concerns and the need for timely and expensive maintenance. This category may…

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