Why our technicians aren’t incentivized to sell

 Why our technicians aren’t incentivized to sell

By: Brian Schutt  |  July 21, 2021

“It’s time to replace your AC (or furnace).” Maybe you’ve had an HVAC technician say this to you before with utmost certainty. Seems harmless enough, right? Sometimes it’s true, but would you trust a cardiologist who only gave you the option to have a heart transplant? Similarly, would you trust a technician that’s incentivized to sell?

At Homesense, we believe that you know what’s right for you better than we do. We didn’t need to do a focus group to come up with that, it’s just common sense. When you call us to your home, you’re not looking for someone to come make decisions for you. We believe you’re looking for someone with expertise you can trust and depend on to provide you the necessary information in a way you can understand, so that you can make the right decision for you and your home.

Our process is built around that belief, and therefore you won’t hear our technicians making the declarative statement “It’s time to replace your AC (or furnace)” without additional options for you to consider. What we will do is present you with the information you need to make that determination. We all know heating and cooling equipment brakes eventually. At some point, the best decision is to replace it. But we believe that you don’t need to be strong-armed by someone you just met into that decision, if it’s indeed the right one. You’ll know when it’s time, and we’ll be there…

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