Why Does My Garage Door Opens By Itself ✔️ Fix it Today

 Why Does My Garage Door Opens By Itself ✔️ Fix it Today

The first sign of damage to any of our home fixtures is also the first moment we realize that it will be a pain to fix in the future.

When this happens, a certain percentage of homeowners would immediately take it upon themselves to find the root of the cause to lessen the expenses should things take a turn for the worse at some point in time.

On the other hand, some would rather have things repaired when a particular appliance finally stops working.

As such, a garage door opening by itself could be a sign of multiple issues.

It could be a ghost, for all we know, or a vengeful neighbor whose hacking skills have made their way to your garage’s system.

While entirely plausible, some of this, to some extent, is just wishful thinking and excuses in fear of spending money (which a majority of us would rather not).

That being said, a garage door randomly opening without anyone or another force working upon it, could be a distinct sign that your garage’s system isn’t working at its best.

Considering all this, this list seeks to provide a careful take on the question the majority of you are wondering: why does my garage door opens by itself?

Misalignment of the reversal system.

Newer versions of garage doors that are manufactured after 1993 are designed with two safety features and mechanisms that work while the door is in the process of closing.

The first mechanism is photoelectric, while the second one is mechanical.

If the garage door opens by itself, it is possible…

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