While others baked, she wallpapered

 While others baked, she wallpapered
Marimel Martinez-Francisco repainting the bench/storage case for her daughters’ study area —FACEBOOK PHOTOS


You know how some people bake bread, or exercise to no end, or attend all webinars online? Well, I wallpaper! Redecorate! Make lamps! And paint walls!”This is Marimel Martinez-

Francisco’s cheeky reaction to Facebook friends’ comments on her photos that she has “wallpaper addiction.”

And her friends aren’t quite off the mark. The ArteFino cofounder and mom of three has kept herself busy throughout the pandemic with DIY home improvement projects that have been quite well received by social media followers, who take vicarious joy in seeing beautiful transformed spaces.

She describes her preoccupation as “therapeutic and relaxing.”

“And the [not funny] joke is that the worse the news gets, the more frantic the pace of these changes I’ve been making.”

“My DIY madness started…

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