When Does A Garage Door System Needs To Be Replaced

 When Does A Garage Door System Needs To Be Replaced

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Garage Door System Needs To Be Replaced

Garage Door System Needs To Be Replaced – For a garage door to efficiently work, it has to have the right garage door system.

A garage door system has two mechanisms working independently: the garage door itself, and the garage door opener.

A garage door system seldom fails without prior warning.

The moment you notice that something is not properly working, immediately check the problem.

Detach the operator from the garage doors and check if it still smoothly works and properly balanced.

This will tell whether the springs are the ones doing the lifting of the door or not.

In a garage door system, the opener is designed in such a way that they move the doors, and not lift them.

The springs are the ones that do the lifting.

Try lifting the garage door halfway up.

Check if the door still stays in place.

If it freely falls, then you have now a door problem, which, when left unattended, can severely damage the operator.

So how can you tell that your garage door system finally needs replacing?

In most cases, it will just let you know.

By the time you notice that your opener is operating erratically, this is a clear manifestation that there is a problem with the system.

Over time, the creaks and groans start to show, and it just gets louder at some point.

Signs that the Garage Door System Needs Changing

The Opener Works Erratically. This is the most basic sign that this is more than just a garage door adjustment.

When your opener begins to work intermittently, or it doesn’t work at all, this is a red flag you have to be wary about.

Not only will you have to wrestle a 16-foot, double-wide door by hand, but this can also possibly hurt you and your back.

In short, it is not safe, and it is not fun.

Detaching or Slow-Moving Garage Door Opener

A defective garage door system doesn’t manifest sudden signs.

You may notice your garage doors moving slower than usual.

Or sometimes, the door detaches itself from the opener and just freefalls to the floor.

This is outright dangerous and even fatal for pets and children entrapped below.

Also, when you notice the opener hesitating to work, that’s a sign that the system needs repair.

Unusual and Loud Noises of the Garage Door Opener

Unusual noises are red flags that a garage door repair is necessary.

While the older garage door systems are intentionally designed to create noise, it’s best that you’re familiar with how they sound like when they’re working properly.

So by the time when your chain drives are unusually emitting loud and obnoxious noises, you can tell the difference.

Vibrating chains are the most common noise culprits for defective garage door systems.

However, those really loud and annoying sound coming from electric motors also mean they are nearing their end.

Changing the door motor will help things quiet down, but this is just a band-aid solution.

Your only real remedy here to so replace the whole garage door system.

Random Opening and Reversing of the Garage Door Opener

Have you noticed your garage door suddenly opening without you even taking control of it?

Or how about that time when you’re supposed to open the door but it suddenly reversed itself?

These are also signs of a defective garage door system.

In most cases, reversing is caused by faulty electronics in the actual garage opener.

While you may think having it fixed will help, it does, but only momentarily.

It’s better to replace the whole unit rather than spend money and time just trying to repair an old machine.

Vibrations on the Garage Door Opener

A vibration on the opener is something you should also watch out for.

When this happens, the bent shaft or the armatures are already worn off, thus the shaking.

The more severe damages can cause the opener mounts to shake loose, and often result in catastrophe failures.

The opener might break free from its ceiling attachment and can unfortunately fall on the roof of your car.

Garage door systems are practically part of our homes.

Thus, it’s vital to have them checked and maintained from time to time.

In case you need a garage door repair in Pittsburgh, give us a call.

We have the right tools and the best people to get the job done.

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