When Do You Need a Chimney Inspection?

 When Do You Need a Chimney Inspection?

The chimney might appear flawless from the outside, but it may be hiding all manners of critical repairs on the inside. So how does a person with an untrained eye know when it’s time for a chimney repair?  

A quick chimney inspection from an expert will reveal potential problems that need to be looked into. In some cases, the professional may use a camera scan of the inside walls of the chimney to reveal areas that need urgent repairs. 

So when should you schedule a chimney inspection? As a general rule, you should schedule a chimney inspection twice every year (because of soot and creosote buildup).  However, you should sign up for an inspection right away if you notice the following 5 signs. 


Rust from the chimney can start to affect the firebox. Moreover, if moisture has caused a chimney leak, the chimney damper may start to get rusted as well. Make sure your damper is properly sealed and functioning properly, because if it isn’t, it’s probably an indication of rust.

Rust is often a sign of bigger underlying issues. For instance, if the moisture is so bad that it’s causing rusting, there may be other signs of damage as well such as cracked flue tiles. So the first thing you should do upon seeing rust is to get a professional chimney inspection in St. Paul, MN. 

Efflorescence or White Discoloration

Efflorescence refers to white discoloration on chimneys. While it is relatively easy to get rid of the stains, you’re…

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