What Pool Owners Can Learn From Lifeguards

 What Pool Owners Can Learn From Lifeguards

Congratulations! You are now the owner of a swimming pool. Of course, you want to create memories to last a lifetime. However, having an oasis means responsibility; it is not just about keeping it clean and safe, but it is a better idea to have safety supervision skills. Safety is foremost essential, regardless of how young or old swimmers are.

It is imperative to be watchful and alert like a lifeguard. Here are some suggestions on skills that can save a person’s life:

Learn CPR

It is handy to learn or re-learn this practice. Not only is CPR helpful around the pool but for those who suffer a heart attack anywhere. You can get free courses from organizations like the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, and a local YMCA/YWCA. Online courses and videos are also available online. CPR is constantly evolving, so it is good to take a class to stay current on this lifesaving skill. 

Rescuing Skills

Pulling a person out of the water is no easy task and not safe unless you have rescue skills and equipment. Having a ring buoy or a reaching pole is better than jumping into the water. Have a rescue plan for providing aid and assisting an injured or struggling swimmer. 

Have First Aid Equipment

In previous blogs, we mentioned the importance of having a first aid kit. It is crucial to learn how to handle neck or spinal cord injuries or other injuries like collarbone fractures or dislocated shoulders. Scrapes and burns caused by rough…

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