What Happened To Brad From Home Improvement?

 What Happened To Brad From Home Improvement?

On October 1, 2020, Zachery Ty Bryan posted on his now-defunct Instagram that he and his wife Carly Matros had decided to go their separate ways. The couple of 14 years had three daughters together.

Three weeks after the split was announced (and later deleted), Bryan was arrested in Eugene, Oregon, on multiple charges of assault against his girlfriend (via People). In a police interview, Bryan’s 27-year-old girlfriend told police that she and the actor/producer had been dating for two years, despite Bryan only having been separated from his wife for three weeks. She also said that Bryan had become violent only in the last month and had not exhibited violence toward her in the years beforehand.

On the night of the attack, she alleged Bryan dragged her out of bed by her hair, beat her, strangled her, and thwarted her attempts to call 911. Bryan was apparently upset over a missing phone charger, she told police. After the…

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