Wesley NEXT provides boys with skills for the real world

 Wesley NEXT provides boys with skills for the real world
Wesley NEXT students try their hand at podcasting.

Students in Year 10 to 12 are embarking on a new suite of micro-credentials that are unlike anything else offered in Western Australia.

From filing a tax return, to essential first aid, to negotiating a car loan – don’t we all wish we’d left school with more real-life skills alongside our academic achievements?

Wesley College in Perth, WA, is addressing this with a new course designed to give our Year 10 to 12 students a depth and breadth of opportunities that go beyond the traditional curriculum.

Called Wesley NEXT, the course allows students to pick up “micro-credentials” that they can add to their fledgling CVs, opening doors to part- or full-time jobs in cafes, bars and restaurants. As time goes on, areas such as commerce, engineering and law will be added to help students hit the ground running on internships.

A scan through the lengthy list of micro-credentials is inspiring, not least because it covers areas of learning that didn’t even exist in the pre-digital age – an Introduction to Podcasting for example, or Digital Music Creation.

But it’s the more “day-to-day” skills that really catch the eye.

Most of us will admit that we would have been well-served in our youth by knowing a bit more about budgeting and saving, superannuation, essential DIY skills, employment contracts, ­writing application letters, cooking, basic car maintenance, tax, insurance or the ins…

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