Warning! These 4 Common HVAC Odors Need Prompt Action

 Warning! These 4 Common HVAC Odors Need Prompt Action

When you smell something strange inside your home, the first thing you may think of is the trash in the kitchen. But before you blame someone who forgot to take it out, make sure to be aware of what kind of smell that is. You might not know it, but it may be coming from something serious and need urgent attention. 

As you try to trace where the smell is coming from, do not disregard the fact that it could be from your HVAC system. Especially if it’s a burning smell, this could be really alarming. So, we’ve compiled three of the most common HVAC odors and what they mean, so you can be alert and do something about it.

1) Burning

This is one of the most frightening smells that you can experience at home. This can occur when you run your HVAC system and then notice that a burning smell is coming from it. Commonly, this is caused by the accumulated dust over a period of time and is burning off the system. The smell is like there are burning electrical wires and materials. 

What To Do:

To make sure it won’t get serious, you may need to run the HVAC system for 20 minutes. Wait if the smell will disappear. If the smell persists, make sure to contact a licensed HVAC professional.

2) Mold or Mildew

Have you ever noticed that there’s a smell like a soiled sock or gym locker in your home? It could be caused by mildew or mold. In fact, many house owners are complaining about such a smell from their HVAC system. Of course, who wouldn’t want to be disturbed by such…

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