‘Virtual Handyman’ Service Offers Help With Home Repairs – NBC Bay Area

 ‘Virtual Handyman’ Service Offers Help With Home Repairs – NBC Bay Area

Many families are still reluctant to let anyone inside their homes — for fear of contracting COVID-19.

But what can you do when something breaks, and you need an expert to come over and fix it?

A ‘virtual handyman’ service called Fixer might be the answer — and it could help you save some money, too.

Fixer offers expert one-on-one coaching for D.I.Y. home projects, without anyone entering your house or apartment.

Gary Jones, a homeowner in Oakland, works in IT. His day job is clearing clogs in the virtual pipeline, but recently the actual pipes in his house needed attention.

“I got stuck at doing some plumbing work,” Jones said. “I’m usually a little bit handy, but there was no way I could figure this one out.”

Jones needed an expert, but a family member living with him is at high risk for COVID-19, so letting someone inside wasn’t an option. Jones tried something new: a virtual expert.

“The idea of learning the process is better for me than hiring someone to just do it, and not really have anything; and next time this happens, I can just figure it out myself,” Jones said.

Mike Evans founded Fixer as an “on-demand handyman” company that hired and trained its own home repair pros. When the pandemic hit, customers were reluctant to have workers in their homes, so Fixer added a virtual service to its toolbox.

“We had to figure out how to do this in a contactless way,” Evans said. “Because we had built a training center ourselves,…

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