Victim of Erie Roto-Rooter scam speaks up about his experience

 Victim of Erie Roto-Rooter scam speaks up about his experience

Attorney General Josh Shaprio’s Office has filed a lawsuit against father and son plumbers Howard and Nolan Stahl and one of the victims is an Erie couple.  

They do business in Erie as the Roto-Rooter Man, and the suit comes after one local man found out they have been the victims of an alleged scam. 

Craig Cook tells us, “it started out very simple…we have a clogged laundry room drain.”  That’s when Nolan Stahl made a visit to the Cook’s house.  After inspecting, Stahl said that there wasn’t a clog, but rather collapsed pipes and quoted them. 

“Eighty-six hundred and fifty-six dollars… and that was a little overwhelming… I’m not a plumber, so I said, ‘if that’s what we have to do; that’s what we have to do.”

The quote leaving the Cooks even more surprised when Stahl demanded they pay in full, up front.  That is when the Cooks decided that they would pay a deposit of $1,000. 

“They started the next morning and started tearing up our family room, laundry room, and my workshop area.”

This left a massive hole in the basement with water coming in.

Cook calls his homeowners insurance who told him he was being scammed. “She said, ‘I’ve seen it all over Erie County.  You’re being scammed. They’ve scammed hundreds of people.”

Stahl told Cook there was more plumbing work to be done, but the Cooks had a second opinion and learned they did not need more plumbing. 

“I called Howard and said, ‘don’t come back….

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