Variances for Pink House denied at BZA

 Variances for Pink House denied at BZA

The Board of Zoning Adjustments denied requests for variances for the historic Pink House at its June 3 meeting, and now the future of the home is uncertain once again.

Owners Clayton and Rachel Mobley requested two variances. The first was to allow the placement of a swimming pool in the secondary front yard that is closest to Roseland Drive. 

The second was to increase the maximum building height from 35 feet to 46 feet so the Mobleys could construct an addition to the house where the Mobleys planned to live. The addition would be an attached house that faces Roseland Drive.

“The reason for the height variance is since it’s a single-family structure, you have to measure from the bottom of the Pink House door all the way to the top of the Roseland-facing addition,” Clayton said. “That wouldn’t be a problem if we had a flat lot. So the issue is we have a slanted lot, and it goes up exactly 11 feet and 6 inches.

“If this new addition were to be built on Roseland, we would not need a variance. But as it stands, we need a rather large height variance to make this plan work.”

Out of 17 friends and neighbors who spoke at the meeting, 16 were in favor of the renovation.

These two variance requests were denied in a 3-2 vote. Commissioners Ty Cole and Joy Smith voted yes, and Commissioners Matthew Foley, Megan Hand and Beverly LeBoeuf voted no. 

“It’s unclear to me whether or not you have a pool affects whether or not you preserve the Pink…

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