Time to Plan a Pool Party | Platinum Pools

 Time to Plan a Pool Party | Platinum Pools

Many blogs will recommend how to organize a pool party. Pool parties for any occasion like Halloween, spring break, Mother’s Day, or even Christmas may be a good reason for gathering by the pool. The reality is that every party requires organization and preparation. Is the party for adults, children or both? How about safety?

If you are the owner of a new pool, get ready to have people over your home. It can be relatives, friends, or neighbors. Also, expect to have a lot of pool parties for the duration you have your oasis.

Here are some tips to help have a great pool party:

Poolside Bar

If your oasis has a swim-up bar, then congratulations. If you don’t have one, create one and hire a professional bartender who can create various delicious cocktails. For guests under the age of 21, ensure that soft drinks or alcohol-free mixes like a Shirley Temple, a Blackout, or a Virgin Piña Colada are also on the beverage menu.


Inflatables continue to be the rage of any pool party. These brightly colored inflatables provide the ultimate li-lo to chill out on as your guests float in the pool with a drink in hand.


Many DJs out there can provide the perfect music for a pool party. Expect to listen to the latest songs or provide the DJ with a playlist of songs you want them to play. If you plan to have the event in the evening, expect them to bring light effects and, maybe even a smoke machine. If a disc jockey is not on the agenda,…

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