The Ultimate Garbage Disposal Guide| Mr Swirl The Friendly Plumber ✔️ Cleveland

 The Ultimate Garbage Disposal Guide| Mr Swirl The Friendly Plumber ✔️ Cleveland

Some hate them, some love them, but we can’t deny that garbage disposals are a useful tool to have in any home. Garbage disposals have a bad reputation for causing issues, but technological advancements have made new garbage disposals more reliable than ever. If you live in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley or Greater Vancouver Area or own a business here, you may be considering a garbage disposal or already own one. In this blog, Mr. Swirl, the Friendly Plumber will break down everything you need to know, whether you own one, or are looking to purchase one.

How Does a Garbage Disposal Work?

We’ve all heard of garburators and garbage disposals, but how do they actually work? Well, a garbage disposal looks like a large drum that is plumbed in right beneath your sink and attached to its pipes. Anything that goes down your sink drain will pass directly through the garbage disposal. At the top of the drum there is a chamber with a strainer-like filter on the bottom. Any liquids or small particles will pass straight through this filter and out of the garbage disposal’s first chamber. If you have a garbage disposal, you can put larger food items down your drain, which will then get caught in this first chamber. In the solid waste chamber there is a larger impeller with big blades. Contrary to most thoughts, these blades are not actually sharp. They use blunt force to grind and smash the waste against the walls of the garburator. Once the waste has been grinded to a…

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