The Surf Cabin in East Hampton

 The Surf Cabin in East Hampton

Now available to rent on Airbnb, The Surf Cabin features airy interiors with laid-back vibes for a breezy weekend getaway.

It can be challenging to spot a diamond in the rough, but Sophie-Claire Hoeller and Timothy Holley have a keen eye. “It wasn’t love at first sight by any stretch of the imagination,” confesses Sophie, remembering when she and Timothy first saw this 1950s cabin in East Hampton. “But we were somehow both immediately able to see the place’s potential.” After scooping up the home, the duo spent the better part of a year doing much of the renovation themselves, ultimately planning to rent it out on Airbnb while they weren’t there.

The couple purchased the home with the intent to rent it out on Airbnb on the weekends, but have spent the past year living there during the pandemic.

However, 2020 had other plans in store: Just as they wrapped up the major stages of the revamp—”We basically gutted the place,”…

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