The simple and eco-friendly way to convert your old fireplace

 The simple and eco-friendly way to convert your old fireplace

“Our Fireplace Grates have been created with functionality and aesthetics at the forefront,” says Stephane Thomas, EcoSmart Fire Founder. “They don’t require the construction of vents or a chimney, nor do they need a gas pipe connection. This means outdated or unused wood or gas fireplaces can be revitalized and converted into high-performing, eco-friendly and convenient fireplaces – with minimal cost and effort.”

The Fireplace Grates come in three sizes – Grate 18, Grate 30, and Grate 36 – all with EcoSmart’s renowned stainless steel burners at their core and all made from Fluid™ Concrete.

10 benefits of EcoSmart Fireplace Grates:

  • Easy, low-cost installation: Easily fit within an existing fireplace. To install, close off the vent and gas connection, attach the Fireplace Grate to a level platform with its easy fitting system, then fill with ethanol. 
  • Enhanced efficiency: No vent or flue required, which stops heat escaping. Increase heat output by closing the dampener or sealing off the flue with a metal plate.
  • Robust: Constructed from durable Fluid™ Concrete, an incredibly strong and environmentally-friendly material.
  • Stylish: Modern clean lines that complement any hearth design; natural flames that create the look and ambiance of a traditional wood fire.
  • Design flexibility: Easy installation means converting an old, unused, or outdated fireplace is no longer the exclusive domain of interior design professionals.
  • Warm your home, not the planet: Powered by…

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