The Essential Tools You’ll Need for DIY Plumbing

 The Essential Tools You’ll Need for DIY Plumbing

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It never hurts to be prepared, and while you never know what challenges might arise in a house, it’s good to have the tools on hand to deal with any basic updates or repairs. Here are the tools you should consider having on hand for basic plumbing work.

A “basic toolbox” for a homeowner might consist of dozens of tools, depending on what type of projects you might tackle. A good idea is to break down basic tools by task—plumbing, electrical, painting, drywall, etc.—then, based on the type of work you anticipate in your home, you can determine what tools are most important to have on hand. These are the tools I would recommend for basic plumbing work.

Basic Plumbing Tools

These tools are the essentials for any homeowner. While you won’t be able to solve every plumbing issue with them, you will be able to cover the basics: changing a faucet, installing a new sink, or changing a shower head.

  • Locking pliers: I would recommend these over an adjustable wrench, though in most cases they’ll do the same job. I feel like I get more overall use out of my channel locks.
  • Needle-nose pliers: It’s always good to have a pair of these on hand for tight spots and detail work. They can help you grasp on to the smallest parts.
  • Plumbers tape: This is also known as “teflon tape,” and it’s always good to have a roll in your toolbox. Teflon tape is great for ensuring a good seal on threaded pipes (on faucet supply lines and showerheads, for example.)
  • Plumbers putty: Often used for creating a…

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