The chimney of Tonawanda Coke explodes and collapses, eliminating signs of distress

 The chimney of Tonawanda Coke explodes and collapses, eliminating signs of distress

Tonawanda, NY (WIVB) — The chimney of Tonawanda Cork exploded and collapsed and was heard throughout Northtown.

Now the signs of pain have disappeared from the landscape of western New York.

The plan took years, and the three chimneys that now filled the Tonawanda skyline were removed by dynamite.

The Tonawanda Cork site was forced to close by the State Environmental Protection Agency in 2018. Many in today’s explosion say that the 100-year-old chimney served as a reminder of the horrific environmental and health consequences of the site.

Demolition leaders have visited the site for the past week to confirm safety. The site’s owner, John Williams, CEO of Ontario’s professional contractor, said safety was a top priority during the turmoil in western New York.

“A stack as important as environmental cleanup was a very visual representation of what’s here. That was the point of pollution when the air was polluted. Therefore, the community and western New York If the stack is down because of it, it means it won’t come back, “Williams said.

The Clean Air Coalition has been fighting for the safety of Tonawanda residents for years and has called for the site to be shut down. They held an appreciation party on Grand Island this morning. Participants say it was a moving day.

Regarding whether and when the site will be redeveloped, Williams will be able to discuss what to build here as it will be a process that will take years to clean up the site. He said it…

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