The Best Thermal Camera for Detecting Issues Within Walls

 The Best Thermal Camera for Detecting Issues Within Walls


Thermal cameras can help detect potential issues in your home, such as a termite nest in the wall or a leak from a pipe. These devices detect and measure a heat signature, which is the infrared energy given off by most objects. The thermal camera converts this heat signature data into an electronic image for you to view on a digital display. Without a thermal camera, you would probably need to cut multiple holes in your walls, climb ladders, open up your ceilings and floors, and test with specialized devices like a moisture meter or leak detector to discover the same types of problems.

Often used by electricians, building inspectors, exterminators, plumbers, and HVAC technicians, many of today’s thermal cameras are designed to be easy for nonprofessionals to operate. The best thermal camera for you can depend on several factors, including the type of thermal camera, the temperature range, resolution, image…

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