The Best Pool Shock for a Swim-Ready Pool

 The Best Pool Shock for a Swim-Ready Pool


When the cold weather comes, you close the pool by emptying most, if not all, of the water and covering it. Once warm weather beckons, it’s time to fill the pool and treat the water with a pool shock treatment to get rid of any potentially dangerous microorganisms. Most pool shock products rapidly increase the chlorine level in the water, altering the pH enough to kill any invisible bad guys. The filtration system then pulls the bugs and plant life out of the water, ensuring that it’s clean for swimming. Instead of chlorine, some pool shock treatments use potassium monopersulfate, a more effective solution for saltwater pools.

You’ll likely choose a product based largely on whether your preferred form is liquid, powder, or tablet, but you should also take into account the current pH level of the water. Avoid using a swimming pool with a pH level lower than 7, as this acidic solution can cause itching, burning, and rashes. Water with a pH balance above 7.8 is also dangerous because the basic solution can burn and irritate the eyes.

To find the right pool shock treatment for your home, read on for more important info, and find out why the following products are considered among the best on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: HTH 52028 Ultimate Shock Treatment Swimming Pool
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: DryTec Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorinating Shock
  3. BEST POWDER: Zappit 73% Cal Hypo Pool Shock
  4. BEST LIQUID: Austin’s 000176 Pool Tech Shock Gal. 12.5%
  5. BEST TABLET: HTH 42033…

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