The Best Pipe Wrench Options for Your Plumbing Repairs

 The Best Pipe Wrench Options for Your Plumbing Repairs


Standard wrenches are useful when tackling various jobs around the home and yard, but they’re less helpful for plumbing repairs, because water pipes have no flat edges for these wrenches to grip. Pipe wrenches have serrated jaws designed specifically for this task. They bite into a pipe’s metal surface to provide the secure hold needed. What’s more, their long handles provide the torque necessary to loosen stubborn fittings.

Pipe wrenches are often used in pairs, and you can find at least a couple in every professional plumber’s tool kit. At first glance, it can be hard to tell one pipe wrench from another, but closer inspection reveals a range of sizes, materials, and small details that have a big impact on performance and value. Choosing the best pipe wrenches for your plumbing repairs isn’t quite the straightforward task it may seem.

Before you shop for pipe wrenches, do a little research. This article…

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