The 14 plants that can give you a fire-resistant yard

 The 14 plants that can give you a fire-resistant yard

With millions of acres burned each year in California, you may wonder how California is not a scorched desert with no plants.

What You Need To Know

  • California has many fire-resistant plants
  • These plants are moist and accumulate less dead material
  • You can build a fire-resistant landscape in your backyard

Even though wildfires burn many plants each year in California, many survive and thrive.

The characteristics that make these plants fire-resistant include:

  • Moist leaves
  • Water-like and little sap
  • Carry little dead wood and do not accumulate dry and dead material within the plant

These plants are not fireproof, so fires can still kill them. However, their foliage and stems do not contribute to the fuel and intensity of the fire.

They are also very important for the environment in other ways. They help reduce topsoil loss and erosion…

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