Swimming Pool Permits l Pool Permitting and Easements

 Swimming Pool Permits l Pool Permitting and Easements

Obtaining Pool Permits and Understanding Easements

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and get a swimming pool, you are about to experience the excitement of choosing your pool shape, selecting colors, and deciding on which swimming pool features to incorporate into the design.

While many aspects of designing your pool will be enjoyable, some mundane tasks need to be taken on to ensure you are compliant with your municipality’s requirements for pool building. This includes obtaining pool permits.

Most cities, townships, and counties require that you have a pool permit to build your inground swimming pool. Typically, your pool builder will take care of obtaining the necessary permits for you, but it’s helpful to understand what’s involved in the process.

What Pool Permits are Needed?

Typically, you will be required to have a residential building permit to build an inground swimming pool. In some areas of the country, you will also need an electrical permit.

Your pool builder will submit the application for your pool permit, accompanied by a copy of the plot plan. A plot plan is a detailed diagram that shows the location of the swimming pool on your property, with measurements to the fence and house. This helps the building inspector determine if you have enough room in your backyard to build a pool of your chosen style and size. The dig plan may be required.

If you live in an HOA, you may also need approval from the HOA.

How Long Does It Take for Pool Permit…

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