Swim Jets – A Great Pool Accessory

 Swim Jets – A Great Pool Accessory

Do you remember those gigantic swim machines? Now you don’t need a big swimming pool to generate a current in your pool. The new fitness swim jets can be custom-built into new pools and spas or added to an existing pool. There is no need for a large pool to incorporate swimming into your exercise routine. 

Swim jets provide the fitness benefits of a full-sized swimming pool with less maintenance and at a lower cost. In addition, swim jets create ideal conditions for lap swimming, jogging, or walking on the spot.

They are an excellent option for folks who want to work out in their pool but don’t necessarily have the suitable layout or available space to put in an entire lap pool. This blog will explain what swim jet systems are and how to choose the correct option.

What is a Swim Jet?

A swim jet is a system to install into a swimming pool. It pushes a constant water current across the pool, giving you a workout in a small space.   

It operates by pushing large volumes of water through three jets, placing two at the shoulders and one angled up at the chest. The combination creates resistance for the swimmer to swim against the current and is also great for water aerobics and therapeutic exercise. The speed and pressure are adjustable to the swimmer’s level.

Selecting a Swim Jet System

When choosing a swim jet system, there are a few considerations before installing it in a pool: 

  • Power — water streaming from the power jets makes…

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