Summer 2021 Resolutions: 3 Swimming Pool Best-Practices

 Summer 2021 Resolutions: 3 Swimming Pool Best-Practices

Each year, technology developments and industry trends open new doors for pool owners looking for a more efficient, effortless and easier way to swim. During the current chlorine shortage and this health-conscious era, this summer is no exception to new, emerging trends.

Here are the 3 best practices that savvy pool owners are using this summer:

1. Less chemical use

With the current chlorine shortage and health-conscious era, pool owners are more open to new means of alternative sanitation than ever before. For nearly 100 years, pool sanitation was limited to the same methods that were stuck in the past. Back then, the sensory irritation, chemical smell and tedious maintenance were the prices you had to pay to enjoy swimming. Today, Advanced Oxidation, known in the industry as AOP, is bringing much-needed technological progress to the developments in pool disinfection.

Over the past decade, AOP pool and spa sanitation has revolutionized the way industry professionals think about water treatment. AOP methods, like Clear Comfort, have become widely regarded as a best practice for reducing chemicals and maintenance while improving water quality.

The nation’s leading pool and spa professionals use Clear Comfort’s patented AOP to destroy unwanted contaminants with powerful hydroxyl radicals, dramatically reducing chemical consumption, chloramines and other disinfection by-products (DBPs). Reducing harmful DBPs created during chlorine sanitation can make a huge…

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