Storm-Proofing Garage Doors

 Storm-Proofing Garage Doors

Storm-proofing of garage doors isn’t a new wave of homeowners’ trend as it has already existed for decades.

A lot of people, however, aren’t that familiar with this feature as it is only famous for those that are in places and countries that are prone to storms.

This natural phenomenon can be mild to super destructive, and the amount of damage it can inflict on properties is unpredictable.

In that case, many homeowners are availing garage door repair in Calgary after a storm leaves the vicinity.

While storm-proofing is already something, not many people are educated about this essential and worth its feature.

This article is made to combat that issue with tips and suggestions perfect for people who are only trying storm-proofing for the first time.

Wind Brace Installation

A wind brace kit will remove the need for an overhead door repair after a storm damages a property.

It is made with protection in mind, and manufacturers of this beautiful kit have dedicated

their time to discover and add more features to help prevent storms from wreaking damage on the garage doors.

Despite being a new and added equipment, a wind brace kit is simple to understand as it is just another layer of defense

that helps a garage door fend off strong and violent winds in case a storm is currently ongoing.

Installation is also a breeze, with manufacturers providing more instructions for people who want to DIY the whole thing.

As an alternative, professional garage door manufacturers may also install one if someone asks for it.

While it is a service that some people can call expensive, the bottom line is that it is a great time saver.

Better and Stronger Foundation

In case wind brace kits are too expensive for homeowners, a great alternative is still possible.

Building a more robust foundation around the base of overhead doors would take some time,

but there’s no need to worry as a garage door company is always available and willing to help.

Buying and Installing a Hurricane-proof Garage Door

This garage door type is far more robust than the standard ones that can be found in the market.

Manufacturers have included essential features such as a more substantial and more updated framing that would help the garage door stand on its ground while a storm is going on.

These frames are also twist-resistant as it is common for garage door materials to suffer severe damages once the storm is over.

Along with the hurricane-proof type, an impact-resistant one works even harder than the kind mentioned above.

Of course, as the type becomes a lot stronger, the price also increases.

It is mainly because of the materials used and the manufacturing process that requires a lot of time.

Having these many types of options is very beneficial for many homeowners as not everyone has the same budget as each other.

What’s the Best Choice?

Both of the given suggestions would do good in most storms, but picking among each other is tough as they cater to two different demographics.

Clients who have just bought their garage doors are a brilliant move to choose a wind brace kit over the far more expensive one as it does the job and can be easily installed with enough knowledge.

However, those planning to replace their garage door should get a much stronger hurricane-proof garage door.

Buying a brand new standard type garage door couldn’t keep up or isn’t just suited to be placed in a storming environment.

Not to say that despite being an expensive item.

The hurricane-proof garage door would surely last for many years, making it an excellent investment.


With two storm-proofing options, anyone living in a storm-prone area can easily safeguard their garage and household.

Not to mention that there are also dedicated garage door specialists who are always willing to help those in desperate need.

We are one of those, and we thrive for high customer satisfaction since it is the key to a long and prosperous business.

Don’t hesitate and always be ready; storms and hurricanes are much stronger than you think.

Protect your home and contact us as soon as possible to solve your garage door problems for you.

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