Solved! What to Do About Cloudy Pool Water

 Solved! What to Do About Cloudy Pool Water


Q: Every year we struggle to keep the pool water clear, but even when we run the filter 24/7 it becomes cloudy within a few days. Other than this, the pool functions without an issue. What should I do? Is this a problem we are stuck with, or is there a solution to clear up the water?

A: Cloudy pool water is a common occurrence that most pool owners struggle with at least once every swimming season. The good news is that most of the fixes are relatively simple, but it may take some trial and error to determine the cause of the cloudy pool water.

Cloudy water may still be safe to swim in, but if the chemicals are not balanced, then swimmers can experience red eyes, irritated skin, and rashes. If the cause is environmental factors, it can usually be cleared up with a clarifier and regular cleaning. If the water chemistry is balanced and environmental factors have been ruled out, then the problem is likely with the filtration system. If this is the case, then you may have to invest in replacement parts for any worn-out or broken pieces of the system.

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Identify the cause of cloudy pool water.

There are three main causes for cloudy pool water, including poor filtration, chemical imbalances, or environmental factors, like nearby construction, trees, or wildlife.

  • Filter and pump problems can be caused by a range of different issues. If the system is only run for a few hours every day, it may not be able…

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