Solitaires enters the ‘Dreamfeed’ on second album

 Solitaires enters the ‘Dreamfeed’ on second album

In the earliest stage of life, an infant’s appetite can seem insatiable, especially when the baby cries out for food every two hours in the middle of the night. Over time, groggy, fatigued parents look for ways to prolong the time between nighttime feedings. One strategy is to feed infants from a bottle while trying not to wake them, which nourishes the baby while also training them to sleep longer without interruption. It’s known as the “dreamfeed.” 

When Nate Gelinas began working on his second solo album as Solitaires, he and his wife were in the early throes of parenting twin boys, and that idea of a dreamfeed seemed to characterize much of his existence, so much so that the term became the title track of his sophomore record, which Gelinas released last month.  

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