Smoothboi Ezra: “I just want to make music and see what happens!” | Features

 Smoothboi Ezra: “I just want to make music and see what happens!” | Features

We all remember our unfortunate first social media usernames or email addresses, usually a wild combination of ill-advised nicknames and current favourite things, maybe with the odd meme reference thrown in for good measure. Luckily, for most of us, these remain firmly in the past, but for Ireland’s Smoothboi Ezra it’s a slightly different story.

“Basically, when I was 14, me and my friend were gonna start a band and we didn’t know what to call it, and at the time the ‘dat boi!!!’ meme was all around. You know, the guy on the unicycle?!” they laugh. “We were obsessed with it and we used to put it on everything. I don’t know where the ‘smooth’ came from but I do remember we were at some religious retreat when we decided.

“We both went to Catholic school and I wasn’t paying attention; I was thinking of band names and I just remember we came up with it on the spot and, to remember it, I changed my Twitter handle on my phone to @smooth_boi. And nothing happened, and we didn’t make a band, and then when I was releasing ‘Thinking Of You’ on Spotify years later I had to come up with an artist name and I thought I’d be able to change it. I didn’t just want to be Ezra, I needed something to set me apart from the other Ezras, so I put it in as a placeholder and now I can’t change it and everyone knows me as that, so that’s what I am!”

However, though their name might originally be the thing drawing attention, Smoothboi Ezra’s…

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