Slow response to 911 call results in Springbank home robbery ✔️ Same Day Repair

 Slow response to 911 call results in Springbank home robbery ✔️ Same Day Repair

A British Columbia vacation was abruptly halted for Dallas and Mark Rhodenizer. They were in the middle of a two week holiday when they received a text message from their Springbank neighbour saying their garage door was open.

“So we went on (to view our security video system) and we watched two people break into our house and clean out boxes over and over again so we got on the phone with 911,” said Dallas.

But calling from B.C. about an Alberta emergency proved to be a challenge for the couple. The 911 dispatcher had a hard time figuring out where Springbank was and who to forward the emergency call to. That resulted in about a seven minute delay of notifying the RCMP of the break and enter.

“We were passed around and then put on hold,” said Mark. “I think that time lapse is what cost us our stuff because the RCMP or police could’ve been here much faster if the response time was quicker (by dispatch).”


Shaken from the ordeal, Mark woke early the next morning and checked the home security feed on his smart phone only to see the thieves had returned. The same people in the same truck taking more items from the home. The couple quickly called 911 again.

“I said they are there right now,” said Dallas. “RCMP got here five minute after they left our house so they cleaned out all of our lawn equipment, they cleaned out all of our snowmobile equipment, yah they did a number that time too.”

The two couldn’t get…

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