Six Ambitious DIY Projects for Your Garage – Strategies Online

 Six Ambitious DIY Projects for Your Garage – Strategies Online

Space utilization is an important function of any efficient home, and often the garage can be the forgotten stepchild of gaining more space. In fact, if left unchecked, the garage can even turn into one of those dirty, dark, cluttered and scary places like something straight out of a horror movie. It’s time to take initiative and find ways to downsize your clutter and get a handle on your space outside.
Below is a list of six ambitious do-it-yourself projects you can accomplish in the next year.

Fold-Down Workbench

Most every working garage needs a solid workbench; the problem is they are notorious space eaters. With a little out of the box thinking, turn a common bench into a fold-down bench. Simply remove the four legs of your current bench, attach fencing hinges to the underside of the bench top, and a two-by-four securely attached along the studs of your garage wall. You can use threaded pipe for the outside legs that can be removed and placed alongside the studs of the wall when not in use.

Steel Pegboard System

Traditional pegboards can crack and warp over time, but is a great storage option. Consider an upgrade to this classic with the installation of a steel pegboard along the walls of the garage. Not only will a variety of storage systems be available, but the steel finish will provide a modern look to your garage.

Mud Room

Mud rooms are a great way to take preventative action towards muddy shoes and wet coats sullying your home. If you get tired of mopping up every…

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