Simplify Holiday Cooking With Sous Vide

 Simplify Holiday Cooking With Sous Vide

Thanksgiving has passed, but the holiday cooking season stretches all the way to the end of the year. What appliances are part of your holiday repertoire? Are you partial to holiday baking workhorses like your range and stand mixer, or are you looking to your slow cooker to warm up some holiday cheer after a trying year?

A sous vide immersion circulator might not be traditionally associated with the holidays, but it can make your time in the kitchen much easier this holiday season by giving you another cooking option. That can be a game-changer if you are in charge of preparing a big meal for Christmas, Hanukkah, or another celebration.

“You cook so many things at the holidays, and most homes only have one oven,” says Gerard Bertholon a chef and chief strategy officer for Cuisine Solutions, which supplies ready-to-cook sous vide foods to restaurants and major retailers. Sous vide was once found primarily in restaurants and is still somewhat niche in homes. However, those who want to try their hand at a simple method of cooking that has been called “foolproof,” now have a variety of choices of portable appliances, and sous vide is even offered as a feature on high-end ranges.

While sous vide is most often associated with cooking meats, it is a great options for vegetables, and there are plenty at a typical holiday meal. Since foods are cooked in vacuum-sealed bags, you can cook multiple vegetables at once in the same pot.

“Vegetable sous vide is amazing,”…

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