Signs of a Faulty or Broken Garage Door Springs

 Signs of a Faulty or Broken Garage Door Springs

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Broken Garage Door Springs

Broken Garage Door Springs – Many homeowners do not concern themselves with their garage doors.

So long as it is working and it can open and close, they pretty much do not do anything with it.

They even forget to maintain it annually. This is a big no-no. And not properly maintaining your garage door can lead to broken garage door springs.

If your garage door is not working, check with the garage door springs as that may cause big trouble.

What you need to know about garage door springs

There are two types of garage door springs. The torsion springs are mounted on the top of the closed garage door.

The ones attached above the tracks are called the extension springs.

Since garage door springs are under tremendous amounts of pressure, sooner or later, it will break.

Wear and tear can also damage your garage door. However, when your torsion springs and extension springs break, you should be careful around it.

It’s also crucial that you refrain from touching it since they are dangerous.

To know more about the signs of faulty or broken garage door springs, here are signs you should lookout.

Loose cables

If you think your garage door springs are malfunctioning or broken, you may want to look at the cables.

If the cable wires are loose, it may cause the garage door springs to function difficulty.

So it’s important that you look at your cables and check if they are loose.

And while at it, make sure you also look for frayed or snapped cables. It’s better, however, to call a professional technician to fix and repair it.

Handling broken cables can cause more damage than a repair, and it’s severely dangerous.

Your garage door is heavier than usual

Another sign that your garage door springs are broken is a heavy garage door.

If you feel that your garage door is heavier than usual, it may be because of broken garage door extension springs.

The extension springs are responsible for carrying and lifting the massive weight of the garage door.

Without the same, it’s no question that there would be a visible struggle in raising a supposedly smooth motor function of the garage door.

Your garage door is crooked

Here’s a tip: to make sure that your garage door is working correctly, it should be aligned when raising or lowering to the ground.

If your garage door is crooked or opens diagonally, take a look at your garage door springs.

Damaged extension springs can affect the operation of your garage door. So if one of them breaks, the lifting of the garage door will be uneven, and one side will not move.

Your garage door produces loud noises

A garage door with no mechanical issues should be able to work smoothly and without creating much noise.

So the moment your garage door produces loud, clanky, banging noise, the garage door springs might be broken.

In worse cases, loud noises can even be detrimental to your garage door.

Before it actually stops working, make sure that you call a professional garage door technician to take a look and repair the faulty or broken springs.

The garage door falls quickly

As a complex and highly technical feature of the home, your garage door may be too complicated for you to understand its inner workings.

And you may not be able to understand why your garage door falls quickly.

One thing’s for sure, and that it’s not working as it should be. A garage door should be able to raise and lower smoothly and properly.

If it falls quickly, consult a garage door expert to see if there is a problem with your door springs.

The garage door cannot be lifted even with the emergency release rope

You can troubleshoot a malfunctioning garage door with the emergency release rope.

With that, you should be able to lift the garage door.

However, if you tried pulling the emergency release rope and the garage door is still not budging, there may be some trouble with the counterbalance garage door springs.

Set an appointment with a reputable garage door repair service to repair the counterbalance garage door springs.

If you experience any of these issues, consult a garage door repair company.

For garage door emergency fixes, the A1 Garage Door Service is available if you live in Mississauga, Vaughan, Oshawa, or Woodbridge.

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