‘Show Me Your Dantes’ | Commonweal Magazine

 ‘Show Me Your Dantes’ | Commonweal Magazine

“Well, you know about Disney World.”

“Of course.”

“And you know about Genesis Extreme.”

“Genesis Extreme? No.”

“Doesn’t your family watch America’s Got Jesus?”

“I’ve heard of it. Something about a boycott, last year.’

“They won’t even let us have a TV show anymore.”

“I’m guessing you have something in mind that’s somewhere between Disney World and a biblical talent show?”

 “More like, a cross between Disney World and a biblical theme park.”


“I don’t know how much Hugh told you, or how he put it. How’d he put it?”

“He said this was your retirement project.”

Charlie snorted. 

“Makes it sound like I’m painting a sailboat or something. Anyway, I know he wants to keep me busy and away from the company. But I’m also looking at this as a businessman, Prin. As a way to help out a town and a lot of folks in need. Because, if we get this right, well, I think there’s a lot in Dante that would appeal to a whole lot of people. Different types of people.”


He tapped his nose. 

 “Can I clear?” said a young Hispanic woman. 

She was wearing a black-and-ketchup apron over a white shirt and black bowtie. Charlie thanked her. We were having lunch in an empty Steak ’n Shake. We hadn’t gone into either arena. I’d wanted to, but Charlie said it was premature and that we would startle the horses. I asked what horses, and Charlie had suggested burgers.

“People like her, Prin. She…

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