Should You Install Your Own Water Heater? Seriously?

 Should You Install Your Own Water Heater? Seriously?

One of the truly amazing questions we get from homeowners is whether to install your own water heater. Our reply is short and sweet: don’t.

Tankless water heaters are the most difficult to install, and not many homeowners even think of trying. Installing a storage tank water heater is no average DIY project, either.

Jeff Sims, President of billyGO Plumbing Operations, says, “in addition to plumbing skills you need electrical, carpentry and heating and ventilating experience, you must know state and local building codes, obtain a permit for the work and arrange to have the city inspect the installation.”

Know The Risks

Failure to comply with plumbing codes can put you at substantial safety, financial and legal risk. Improper installation can cause pressure to build up in the tank to the point it will explode and launch itself through whatever is above it. Anyone nearby can suffer serious, possibly even fatal,…

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