SF Bay Area California Class System is Whack

 SF Bay Area California Class System is Whack
I just need to post here for catharsis. Feel free to downvote me to oblivion or flame me for sucking.

I live in the SF Bay Area. I didn’t grow up here though… I moved out here about 8 years ago. My wife is also a transplant having lived here about 12 years. I want to believe that we’re doing ok in life… but man, it’s straight garbage how different the class system is out here.

So I just took delivery of some gear to do a DIY home improvement project. The guy who dropped off the palettes of raw material was cool. It took a while to get all the stuff out of the truck, so we got to chat a bit (I actually helped him move the jacks since it was tough to get up to my garage). He lives about 5 minutes North of me. He’s got a nice big azzz pool and he says he likes it out here a ton since he’s grown up out here, raised his family, and he’s looking to retire soon. Nice American dream for this guy.

So here’s my beef. No knocking on this guy. He works hard for his money, and he’s doing well. But how the effing hell does this Bay Area economy work?

For the last 8 years, my wife and I have been absolutely getting torn to shreds trying to scrape and a half to save enough to even attempt to settle down. We were getting denied for a loan just about everywhere in the Bay Area up until we both got promoted at work, and could finally get a foothold in 2019. And yet somehow, a lot of people in the Bay Area view households like mine as part of “the problem” because we’re somehow driving up…

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