Saskatchewan sees sharpest increase in home improvement sales across Canada

 Saskatchewan sees sharpest increase in home improvement sales across Canada

A spokesperson for Square, Felipe Chacon mentions Saskatchewan’s population as one of the factors for the major increase.

“It is a slightly younger population than the rest of Canada, which could be a contributing factor to the boom,” Chacon said. “It’s a more affordable housing market as well, so there is probably more of a DIY attitude for projects and a willingness to spend on their home.”

Chacon added people living in Saskatchewan in more rural areas were doing more renovations, compared to other provinces.

“Saskatchewan is also more rural than other provinces, with a larger chunk living outside metropolitan areas,” Chacon said. “People in cities are usually renters at higher rates, and renters usually don’t want to invest money in the home they live in at the time because they probably won’t be there forever.”

Prince Albert has not fallen behind. Like the rest of the province, the city has seen a major increase in home improvement sales over the past year.

Manager of Econo Lumber, Cody Lemieux said they are busier than last year and have had to hire a few more staff to keep up with the demand.

Home improvements have not just been outdoors either. Econo lumber is seeing an increase in sales for indoor and outdoor home improvement.

“It’s interior and exterior. Decks, shingles, fences, windows, there is not just one to pinpoint to say hey, our sales increased in this area,” Lemieux said. “It increased across the…

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