Safely Operating Your Fireplace | Woodstock Chimney Cleaning

 Safely Operating Your Fireplace | Woodstock Chimney Cleaning

If you’ve gotten your chimney prepared with a Woodstock chimney cleaning and inspection, you should be set for winter fireplace use. But it’s important that you’re using the fireplace safely to avoid any problems or danger. Advanced Chimney Sweeps offers safety tips to use your fireplace properly this winter.

Use Proper Firewood

First, decide if you’ll be cutting and preparing your own wood or if you’ll be buying it. If you’re buying, make sure to buy local. Many areas have special rules in place so that you aren’t bringing wood and pests in that aren’t native to the area. You also want to make sure the wood has been stored in a dry place for at least six months.

It’s preferable to use a dense wood, such as oak, in your fireplace. Softer woods like pine produce more creosote when you burn them, leading to a faster buildup in your chimney. You’ll have to get your chimney cleaned more often. Get a moisture meter to make sure the wood will burn well. The moisture content should be 20% or less to ensure it’ll burn correctly.

If you’re going to cut your own wood, you want to make sure the pieces fit in your fireplace correctly. The diameter should be six inches or less so that it burns well. Stack your wood with the split side down and don’t store it directly on the ground. It needs to be covered to stay dry. Softwood needs to sit for a minimum of six months before burning, and hardwood needs at least 12 months.

Don’t Overload the Fireplace


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