S42 E3: Memorable Makers

 S42 E3: Memorable Makers

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In this episode:

From young blacksmiths metalworking to a woodworker who finds centuries-old lumber under water, This Old House features talented makers all over the country who make beautiful household items.

A lumberjack sources his own material from the bottom of the Edisto River near Charleston, SC. He brings up an old cypress log, mills and dries it, and turns it into a unique dining room table.

In Detroit, Ann restores leaded and stained glass window panels by replacing putty and glass where needed and solders the lead back into place.

A family run business in MA called the Tin Shop has been crafting metal objects for decades. They’ve made weathervanes, shower pans, and a stovetop hood for a kitchen project for the Arlington project.

At the same house, a painter shows Kevin a Lazure technique for the walls of the daughter’s bedroom. The complicated process involves multiple brushes and acrylic paint to create a watercolor effect on the walls.

Blacksmithing students from The American College of the Building Arts forge an iron gate for the driveway of a Charleston project.

Original Air Date: Oct 18, 2020 Season 42; Ep.03 23:43

Products and Services from this Episode:

Dining room table:
Born Again Heartwoods

Bill Huey

Stained glass artist:
Ann Baxter

Custom Range Hood Fabricator:
The Tin Shop

Lazure Painter:
Lazure by Logsdon

Iron Gate:
American College of the Building Arts

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