RTDNA-NEFE Personal Finance Reporting Awards Submission For KLCC

 RTDNA-NEFE Personal Finance Reporting Awards Submission For KLCC

“From Assets to Ashes: Wildfire Victims Scramble for Help”  

The following are twelve pieces filed by KLCC’s Brian Bull between mid-September 2020 and mid-July 2021. They reflect various stages of loss, recovery, and rebuilding for Oregonians who lost their homes during what’s been deemed the worst wildfire season in the state’s recorded history. There were many other reports dealing with the catastrophe, but these ones focused the most on personal losses of assets and finances, as well as resources available to those most afflicted by the fires. 

1. Fire Evacuees Anxious To Go Back (9/15/2020)

Evacuation levels are being downgraded for some areas around the Holiday Farm Fire that’s burned over 166,000 acres and destroyed more than 300 structures.  As can be expected, evacuees are more than ready to come home.

Crews are slowly containing the fire, which drove hundreds of people out of Vida, Blue River, and other towns last week. 

“It came within a mile and a half of my home, so far it’s still standing,” recalled LeighAnn Blodgett, from the Upper Mohawk Valley.

I asked what she was able to leave with.

“Everything that was worth anything, even my lawn mower!” she laughed.

“My mom had recently had hip replacement surgery, and I’m her caregiver,” said Shelby Todd of Marcola. “So Tuesday afternoon we left, and it was chaotic getting out even at Level 2, there were cars backed up on Marcola Road for miles.”

Both women are staying at…

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