Ready Your Chimney for Fall

 Ready Your Chimney for Fall

Fall is one of the best times of the year. The weather starts to get cooler and it’s time to get cozy in front of your fireplace. It’s also time to ready your fireplace for the colder months. Advanced Chimney Sweeps provides chimney cleaning in Woodstock and the surrounding areas. Here are some tips they have for your chimney this season.

Get Your Chimney Cleaned

Before you’re going to be lighting any fires in the fireplace this fall or winter, make sure your chimney is cleaned. A lot of us shut the chimney down for the warmer months and don’t think about it until we want to use it again. When creosote gets built up in your chimney, it can be a fire hazard when you go to use it. Make sure you get a thorough chimney sweep if it hasn’t been cleaned since last fall.

Get it Inspected, Too

While you have someone cleaning your chimney, you should probably get a chimney inspection as well. Getting at least one chimney inspection a year is crucial to making sure there’s no structural damage or anything that’s going to cause issues when you go to use it. It’s ideal to get it done when the weather is a bit warmer, as bricks that are already compromised may break further.

When you get the inspection, the chimney sweep may give you some information about your chimney that’s essential to keep it running smoothly. Even if there aren’t urgent repairs that need to be made, make sure you listen to see if there are any possible problem points they see. Getting on small…

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