Pool Industry Trends in 2021 | Platinum Pools

 Pool Industry Trends in 2021 | Platinum Pools

For more than a year, we saw an event we did not expect in our industry.  With the growth of swimming pool purchases in the United States in 2020, the trend may continue regardless of whether the Pandemic is under control or not. 

It is a fact that our lifestyle changed drastically.  Many who are now working from home are moving to other states or neighborhoods, which means getting the house updated.  One of those items for the house is a swimming pool.

The magnified changes cause a few trends that, even in the pool industry, would see.  For us at Platinum Pools, here are four of the most interesting trends we see to date:

Patience…it’s a Virtue!

If someone purchases a pool and spa combo today, they may not see the final product until 2022 depending on the back log of the pool builder they purchased their pool from.  According to experts in the pool industry, the demand for an oasis continues to rise in 2021.  Lead times from manufacturers and retailers, as well as builders, are extending time frames to complete pools due to the increase of demand and material shortages.  

There is something behind all this; people are willing to wait.  Builders may have full schedules way into the following year.  Most clients do not expect dates far from what they imagine; luckily, most prospects understand.  After all, a swimming pool and spa brings people together and makes them happy.

Staying Healthy During Pandemic Times

A strong topic…

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