Pool by Helicopter! #1 Premier Pool’s Special Delivery

 Pool by Helicopter! #1 Premier Pool’s Special Delivery

Special Delivery! Pool by Helicopter

Flying through the air with the greatest of ease is…a swimming pool? Yes, Premier Pools & Spas of Portland recently delivered a fiberglass pool via helicopter!

The pre-made, fiberglass shell was transported to a home in Sherwood, Oregon, by helicopter, due to the property’s challenging location. There was no access for a traditional delivery. The location crossed some railroad tracks on a steep hill, and a flatbed and crane would not have been able to clear the tracks.

When asked how the process took place, Premier Pools and Spas Portland owner Natasha Shavlovskiy stated, “there were many regulations that the FAA required. For one, we had to evacuate any house we flew over. Thankfully, we were out in the country and had a flight path that avoided flying over houses.

The helicopter had to land to rig its equipment, then we had to rig their line to the pool. The pool was lifted without any issues.

When we were at the landing zone, the pool was going next to the house, it was windy, noisy and the environment was very intense. The pool was placed successfully!

The pool was flown alongside highway 99W, where commuters were likely not expecting to see a flying swimming pool traversing above them.

Natasha shared, “The whole experience was very surprising. When the helicopter landed to rig up, it was very exhilarating. It was a loud and intense environment.  I learned that anything is possible, and with the right people, anything can…

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