Plumbing problems: 13 solutions to common plumbing issues

 Plumbing problems: 13 solutions to common plumbing issues

Common plumbing problems are usually easier to solve than you think – although it really pays to know the difference between an easy-fix problem and one that requires a professional plumber. Whether you’re working on a remodel and have discovered some underlying issues with your pipework; have learnt that your dream bathroom is not possible because of pipework limitations; or have already picked out the perfect bath without knowing if it’s a feasible fit for your space, we’re here to offer solutions for each of your plumbing woes. 

Installing bathroom plumbing often comes as an afterthought during the design process when putting all your bathroom ideas into practice. But really, it should be at the top of your list, along with the most important decisions that you make. Follow our top 10 tips and tricks for resolving common bathroom problems and create your dream space with ease.

1. Exposed bathroom pipework is ruining the look

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