Plumbing pro tips for homeowners with frozen or broken pipes

 Plumbing pro tips for homeowners with frozen or broken pipes

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Many people in Central Texas are dealing with frozen or even broken pipes. Concerns of pipes bursting will only heighten later in the week as they begin to thaw out.

“We have been getting a lot of calls from people who want to pre-book service calls, because their pipes are frozen, and unfortunately it’s just not something we have the capacity to do, because there’s going to be so many people who do actually have broken pipes when they thaw. We’re going to have to get to those folks first,” said Mike Marugo, Austin Plumbing Division Manager for ABC Home and Commercial.

ABC Home and Commercial hasn’t been able to get any plumbers out on the road for the past couple of days. But, as soon as the roads are safe enough to do so, Marugo says they’ll work around the clock to get people quick fixes.

“Look and listen for anything that doesn’t look right or doesn’t sound right,” he said. “If you see water some place it doesn’t, shut your line off. If you hear water some place it doesn’t belong, go shut your water off.”

Marugo does not advise doing anything other than turning off the water to your home, then waiting.

“If you were mechanically inclined, had the right amount of knowledge, the right tools and the right equipment, you might be able to do something, but most folks don’t, and they’re just going to wind up making things worse,” Marugo said.


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