Plumbing drain clearing | Best Plumbers News

 Plumbing drain clearing | Best Plumbers News

Most plumber calls are by far about secured drains. But many things in life, not all secured drains are created equal. Some are easy to solve, e.g. B. removing hair from a sink trap or clogging too many artichoke leaves that are clogged in a disposal. These may only require a few hand tools or a snake (auger). Unfortunately, about 30 percent of calls are more difficult to repair and require larger equipment.

When the drain cannot be resolved after repeated attempts with a regular snake. Alternatives must be recommended. If the clog is persistent and the drain water is fairly clear, we may recommend recording a video of the inside of the clogged pipe. A video can usually show what kind of material can cause the line to fail. For example, has the line been blocked by a pipe that has collapsed or is not connected? Or is something solid like a large root or other obstacle blocking the line? The video may provide enough visual cues to determine the next step. Even if the blockage is not visible, moving a camera into the line will at least help determine the approximate location (distance and direction) of the blockage.

If the blockage is caused by a visible break in the line, or if a solid root fills the space, there is no choice but to dig up the line and replace it. On the other hand, if the clog is made up of oil, dirt, or a mass of smaller roots, hydro-flushing may be appropriate. A hydro flusher is an expensive pressure washer. It consists of a high pressure hose with…

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