Plumber bodies in SA at loggerheads

 Plumber bodies in SA at loggerheads

From Edward West 2h ago

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Plumbers in South Africa are at odds and two organizations are fighting over the legitimacy of the person you call to repair your pipes or geyser.

The Inclusive Plumbing Association (IPA), which claims to have around 900 members, has sounded the alarm because of the hijacking of the technical standards, certification and qualification requirements of the industry controlled by the PIRB (Plumbing Industry Registration Board) – Statutory Association.

IPA Chairman Geoff Snelling said the PIRB somehow managed to get the SA Bureau of Standards (SABS) to join the PIRB, including requiring its members to receive Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points in order to meet the technical standards and certification requirements required by all valid plumbers.

Snelling said this meant that plumbers were forced to become paid members of the PIRB, including the need to complete webinars and other professional learning materials for a fee from the PIRB in order to earn their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

This meant that plumbers who were not fully affiliated with the PIRB and did not meet its CPD point requirements could not legally authorize the installation of geysers, which were a major source of income for plumbers, he said.

In addition, PIRB’s control over industry certification has taken plumbing out of local authority control, Snelling said.

The IPA held a protest…

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