Peel-and-stick tile is inexpensive DIY project

 Peel-and-stick tile is inexpensive DIY project

The question lurks in the minds of do-it-yourselfers: How will it look?

Will the project pass the eye test?

Of all the concerns, including cost and difficulty, if the result is hideous, you’ve wasted time and money.

So here’s a bit of mental reassurance when it comes to peel-and-stick vinyl tiles for kitchen backsplashes. They look great. It’s a relatively inexpensive ordeal. And it’s easy.

The tiles for backsplashes and some other applications come in a variety of patterns and shapes, so it’s a breeze to mimic glossy glass tiles or even large patterns common with porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Get them mostly in 10-inch-by-10-inch sheets at big-box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot and online at Amazon and Wayfair, with prices starting from about $6 to $8 per sheet.

Peel-and-stick versions in stone and tile are available starting for about $14 per sheet, but these are more difficult to install because you’ll need a…

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